Can you track your bike with an AirTag?

Can you track your bike with an AirTag?

Apple AirTags - Can you use them to track your bike?

Apple AirTags allow you to track anything using the FindMy app on your iPhone, and if you've lost something then other Apple users can help you find it. We put their tracking ability to the test

 Apple's Air Tags weren't originally designed for tracking bicycles; but as soon as they came out, some clever cookies started hiding them on their bikes. The question is though... do they actually work?

For the first in a series of videos, we're going to be looking at ways that you can make it harder for thieves to steal your bike. And if they do steal it, is there an effective way of tracking it down?

First up is Apple's Air Tags and our test is a pretty simple one. We'll pop an Air Tag onto the bike, Dave will steal it, riding off to supposed freedom with his ill-gotten gains.

After 5 minutes, we'll notice that the bike has been nicked and then use Apple's 'Find My' app to, hopefully, track the bike down.

Apple's Air Tags are an interesting product. Measuring about the size of a 2p coin, they're certainly a compact solution and these days, they can be easily mounted to your bike through a range of third-party mounts.

The Air Tags rely on iPhones to be close by. They connect to these via Bluetooth and act as beacons, triangulating the Air Tag's position and hopefully leading you to

As you might have already worked out, the system relies on there being a few iPhones within close enough proximity to create a location. That means that the Air Tag is likely to work best in towns and cities rather than out in the middle of nowhere.

Should the would-be thief also have an iPhone, they will be notified that an Air Tag is tracking them. This is a measure put in place by Apple to deter people from using the Air Tags to covertly track other people.

So, did they work? Watch the video to find out, click here to find out.

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