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Apple AirTag Under-Saddle Rear Reflector Holder

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Using our tried and tested under-saddle fitting, this perfectly designed AirTag holder will hold your AirTag discreetly and securely providing an alternative to our best-selling under-saddle holder.
Offering the added safety of a reflector, the AirTag fits perfectly within the holder which is itself bolted within the mount and totally secure prior to installation on the bike.
The AirTag reflector holder is trapped using two 5mm Allen bolts with two M5 nuts between the two standard 7mm rails under the saddle.
The holder is 3D printed and weighs only 56g and the the dimension of the reflector is 50mm.
Supplied with 4 x M5 30mm bolts and Hex Key, you only need to purchase an AirTag to give  you that one chance to retrieve your stolen property.
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