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Tile Pro Water Resistant Under-Saddle Secure Mount

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Our water resistant under-saddle IPO registered design Tile Pro Tag Holder © will safely and discretely secure your Tile Pro under the saddle on your bike to the existing saddle frame using the 7mm round saddle rails with a c-c of 45mm

The Tile Pro fits perfectly within the holder which is itself bolted and totally secure prior to installation on the bike. The Tile Pro holder© is trapped using two 5mm Allen bolts with two M5 nuts between the two standard 7mm rails under the saddle*

The Tile Pro bike holder is 3D printed and weighs only 40g and the maximum physical dimensions are: 43mm (w) x 20mm (h) x 82mm (L)

Please click here to read an independent review from a blogger who has purchased and tested our under-saddle AirTag holder against others available on the market:

Having conducted various tests, the signal from the Tile Pro is not affected being contained within the holder.

The following is supplied within the kit:

3D printed Tile Pro top and bottom case holder & under saddle rail holder

3 off M5 x 20mm & 2 off M5 x 30mm Allen head bolts


Please note this has been fitted to securely and easily to standard Cube, Specialized and Trek MTB saddles. Saddle manufacture does vary, please ensure you are happy it will fit under your saddle and attach to the under-saddle rails prior to purchase

Please note Tile Pro is not included in your purchase.

If you require an Tile Pro please click here