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Tile Mate (2020 Version) Credit Card Sized Wallet/Purse/Clutch Bag Holder

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Designed exclusively to fit the Tile Mate 2020

Designed to fit the Tile Mate 2020 and hold it tight within the holder. Simply press your Tile Mate 2020 in from the front and then place the holder in your wallet or purse ideally within a credit card slot.

The design incorporates a tiny lip printed at the rear of the Tile Mate 2020 locator to ensure the Tile Mate 2020 won’t fall through the rear of the unit when pressed into position.

The size of the holder is 80mm x 50mm x 7.2mm (max) which is slightly smaller than a standard credit card to allow for the slight additional thickness of the Tile Mate 2020.

Once in your wallet or purse your Tile Mate 2020 will stay safe and secure.

Tile Mate 2020 Link is not included.

Please note this is exclusively designed for the Tile Mate 2020, not the 2022 version.