Bik3d are the only company in the world with a fully comprehensive range of discreet holders for almost every Bluetooth tracker available.

Using 3D print technology to revolutionise security and safety in the cycle industry

Bik3d, designed for cyclists, tested in the real-world, by cyclists.


  • Bikjack

    BikJack has been designed to protect valuable equipment on your handlebars when your bike is upside down either during routine maintenance or if you are out and about riding and suffer a puncture or similar and need to turn your bike upside down. More details and shop for Bikjack here

  • Under-Saddle tag holder

    Under-Saddle Mount ©

    Our IPO Design protected under-saddle tag mounts have been individually designed to fit all common bluetooth trackers available today. The unit sits discreetly out of view secured to the rails of a standard saddle. Once secured your tag is waterproof and tamper proof.

  • Under-water bottle tag holder

    Under-Water Bottle Tag Mount

    Our under-water bottle tag holders are designed to sit securely and discreetly between the bottle holder and cycle frame. All under-bottle mounts are designed to fit a 64mm c-c bottle cage.

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ mounts now available!

    With the ever-changing availability and development of Bluetooth tags, we have now designed and introduced a discreet under-saddle and under-bottle holder for the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

    The under-saddle Galaxy SmartTag+ mount sits safely and discretely secure your Smart Tag under the saddle and the under-bottle is secure on the frame either on its own or under your water bottle!

    The Galaxy SmartTag+ is equipped with both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology so that it can pinpoint the location with greater accuracy. It also uses augmented reality (AR) technology to visually guide you towards where your missing item is located using your martphone’s camera.

    The SmartTag can be precisely and easily located through the SmartThings Find service on your Galaxy device.

    Because Galaxy SmartTag+ is both BLE- and UWB-enabled, you can now se AR technology to find your missing item. The AR Finder guides you with an easy-to-follow interface on your UWB-equipped smartphone, such as Galaxy S21+ or S21 Ultra, which shows you how far away you are from
    your Galaxy SmartTag+ and points you in its direction.

    And once you’re closer to the tag’s location, you can choose to have it produce a loud ring so that even if it’s hidden in bushes you’ll have no trouble finding it.

    More details and prices can be found here