Can an Apple AirTag be used as a bike tracker?

Can an Apple AirTag be used as a bike tracker?

So, is using an Apple AirTag going to help you retrieve your bike?

The Pros

Locating the bike – they won’t scare away thieves, however they are unlikely to be seen as your bike disappears up the road and much like GPS trackers, Airtags can at least come in handy for finding out the new location of your bike with the Apple ‘Find My’ function.

Cost effective – An Apple AirTag is much cheaper than a full-fat GPS system and considering what you get in terms of security, £29 for an AirTag is better value money than the likely three-figure cost for a more established GPS tracker.
Very long battery life – an Apple AirTag battery should last about a year and is very easily replaced which is far more convenient than constantly having to replace or recharge the tracker.

The Cons

It’s a fact that Apple does not want these AirTags to be used to stalk people and that’s got to be a good thing. Built into the software is a little trick that should an AirTag accompany a different person than the owner for a certain amount of time, the AirTag will draw attention to itself automatically, sending a message to that effect to local iOS users. It will also make itself known after three days that it’s close to you by emitting a noise to again draw attention to itself. This will sadly mean if an AirTag is on any bike, at some point the thief could be made aware your bike has a tracking device and he can then take necessary action.

Bear in mind however an AirTag will give you that one chance and a window of time to locate it

Limited functionality. This is simply because in a busy city your bike is bound to be in the region of an Apple device user sooner or later. However, have you bike thrown into bushes in the middle of nowhere and fewer people will pass by offering a reduced chanced of your bike being found.

That all said, at the price point of an AirTag and a mount, it’s a bit of a no-brainier and anything that is this cost-effective has got to be worth serious consideration.

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