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The Bik3d BikJack® has been designed to protect valuable equipment on your handlebars when your bike is upside down either during routine maintenance or if you are out and about riding and suffer a puncture or similar and need to turn your bike upside down.

3D printed to the highest quality, BikJack® weighs 240g and is easy to use when required and is attached securely to round handlebars up to 34mm in diameter (or smaller oval bars). BikJack® locks together and then around the handlebars it is then secured with the supplied silicone straps ensuring they won't move.

When attached to your handlebars BikJack® offers approximately 100mm clearance from the ground (depending on individual handlebars) reducing the risk of bells, brakes, mobile phones, computers and other expensive items from being damaged by the ground.

BikJack® has been tested on road bikes, mountain bikes and E-Bikes weighing up to 25kg.

The supplied silicone straps are used to keep BikJack® together and tidy when not in use and BikJack® is supplied with a cotton bag which can be between your saddle and the ground offering protection to your saddle.

Items included

2 x BikJacks
4 x Silicone straps
1 x cotton drawstring bag

Cost of BikJack® includes free 2nd Class 'signed for' postage to any UK mainland address